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Pulsed vs. Continuous Laser: Why should we care?

  As discussed in the prior post, there are many ways Low Level Light devices can differ – wavelength, power, area of illumination, and so on. One difference however, which we feel does not get due attention, is pulsed versus continuous light emission.   Most light sources (for example the light bulbs in your home, […]

How should we compare LLLT devices?

Is there really a difference between Low-Level-Light Therapy (LLLT) devices for hair restoration? The answer is decidedly yes. While most devices look similar (often imitating the design of The Original LaserCap), the treatments they provide can differ dramatically.   But how exactly do LLLT devices differ? And what is the best way to measure these […]

What is Low-Level-Light Therapy? Sorting through the Semantics

  What exactly is Low-Level-Light Therapy? Or should we be calling it Low-Level-Laser Therapy? Or Low-Level-Laser-(light) Therapy? Or Cold Laser Therapy? Or Photobiomodulation Therapy? What the heck is Low-Level-LED-Therapy? Who is in charge of naming these things anyways? What is the point of all these syllables?     Tongue-twisters aside, these questions are important. How […]

Introducing The MC2: A Next-Generation LaserCap

At LaserCap Company we believe in innovation, not imitation. We wish other companies felt the same way! Did you know that The Original LaserCap®, is one of the most widely copied medical devices in the world? But that is beside the point of this post. Fortunately, we never stop innovating at LaserCap Company, and we […]