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LaserCap® has a Lifetime Warranty Policy and a 1 year warranty on the rechargeable battery pack and charger.

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Frequently Asked Questions about LaserCap® and more.

How do I use the LaserCap®?
Insert the LaserCap® into any hat of your desire, or the one provided to you. Then fully charge the battery pack when in the off position. Connect the battery pack to the LaserCap®. Turn on the power switch and wear per your manual’s instructions.

How does Light Therapy work?
The hair is constantly growing, resting and then shedding the old hair shaft before growing again. With male and female pattern hair loss, with each cycle, when the old hair falls it comes back thinner and lighter in color each time. Hair growth requires a lot of energy, before it starts growing again it sheds the old shaft, but the new shaft is not as thick as before. This keeps going on until the follicle is atrophied.
Light therapy improves the cellular respiration so hair can stay in the growth phase longer, reduces the dormant stage duration, and when the hair comes back, it’s thicker and darker, thereby reversing, stopping, or slowing down the hair loss process.

What is the recommended treatment time?
30 minute session, three times a week.

How soon until I see results?
Results vary depending on the condition of the hair at the beginning of usage. Most changes begin occurring at the cellular level of the hair shaft, but visual changes typically take at least 4-6 months.

Is an increase in shedding normal?
Yes, it can be.

Can I use LaserCap® along with Rogaine or Propecia?
Check with your prescribing physician.

What about visual safety?
LaserCap®is a class 3R laser device. Avoid direct eye contact. You can turn on the cap after you place it on your head.

What is LaserCap®s warranty?
LaserCap® has a Lifetime Warranty Policy and a 1 year warranty on the rechargeable battery pack and charger

How much does LaserCap® cost and how do I purchase a LaserCap®?
LaserCap® is sold only through physicians. Please fill out the inquiry form, email or call us at (855) 424-7774 to find out more.