LaserCap® Photos – Before and After

We at LaserCap® invite you to browse through these before and after images of users undergoing Low level Light Treatment (LLLT) for hair loss.

Most changes begin occurring at the cellular level of the hair shaft, but visual changes typically take at least 4-6 months.

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More About LaserCap® Results

These LaserCap photos were provided by Physicians, Plastic Surgeons, and Hair Clinics from around the world who provide their patients with access to the LaserCap®.

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We at Lasercap® are committed to providing our doctors and their patients with superior products in the field of LLLT (or Low Level Laser Therapy) to support healthy hair growth. You can find more LaserCap® photos of real women before and after using LaserCap® by visiting one of our dedicated LaserCap® Provider’s websites.

Many of these doctors’ websites feature specific pages about LLLT and the results they have seen at their practice from using this therapy.For more information on LLLT, you can visit out homepage to find out how the LaserCap® works.

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