Introducing The MC2: A Next-Generation LaserCap

At LaserCap Company we believe in innovation, not imitation. We wish other companies felt the same way! Did you know that The Original LaserCap®, is one of the most widely copied medical devices in the world? But that is beside the point of this post. Fortunately, we never stop innovating at LaserCap Company, and we want to tell you a little more about our new, next-generation LaserCap model, the MC2.

The LaserCap MC2™ has a revolutionary design, defined by a lack of hard plastic shell encasement. Instead laser diodes are enclosed in a flexible elastomer with fan-like projections. These flexible projections wrap around the head, for a closer, more comprehensive, and more personalized fit, which can be adjusted to different head sizes by interchanging the front connector headband.


As a result of this innovative design, the MC2 positions its lasers closer to the scalp, meaning less light is scattered by the hair fibers, and more can reach the hair follicles. The fan-like design of the MC2 also allows for more comprehensive coverage than shell laser caps, particularly to the sides and occiput. Finally, the “vented” nature of the MC2 allows for higher power output with less build-up of heat. Not only does this improve comfort for patients, but also limits power loss, which can occur when laser diodes heat excessively, particularly during continuous illumination.


We decided to call this innovative new LaserCap the “MC2” because it provides “Maximum Coverage” and “Maximum Comfort.”

The MC2 is now available for purchase through our physician-distributors, and private label for physicians-offices. Interested patients or physician-distributors please do not hesitate to give us a call at (216)-654-0019, or email us at